Mactel serves doctors, lawyers, funeral homes, service companies (roofing, plumbing, HVAC, etc.), charitable organizations, and many more. We can customize our service depending on YOUR needs.

We Serve Many Industries

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Do you find yourself stopping in the middle of a client’s house or business to schedule another job?  We can handle your schedule so you can focus on your work and avoid dirty looks from slighted customers.

Can’t get a hold of people during the day to confirm appointments?  We can call in the evening and update your appointment list.

Overwhelmed with work?  We can answer your phones while you’re busy so all your customers get personal service.

Clients call at all hours on all days.  We can answer your phone 24/7 because we never take sick days.

When you have an emergency, are you content to leave a voicemail?  No one is.  We can answer emergency calls and connect them with you or your staff.

Are you overwhelmed by a lot of calls?  We can implement IVR to quickly answer common questions and direct callers to the right department or person.

Wouldn’t it be nice to take orders over the phone?  We’re open 24/7 so you can take catalog orders while you sleep.

Trying to get donations but don’t know how to reach the right people?  We can call lists of qualified donors, get them excited about your mission, and take donations over the phone.

Do you have an awesome product but don’t know how to market it?  We can identify your target market, find the right people to call, and call them at the best times to pitch your product or service and take orders over the phone.

Healthcare Answering Services

Are your patients who are constantly calling? Let us handle the initial call. Service inquiry? We can page, patch calls, and even set and/or confirm appointments!

Legal Answering Services

Struggling to keep pace with legal affairs? Our team has handled inquiring calls and even scheduling with many lawyer offices!


Any Business Answering Services

Regardless what business or organization you are, we can customize services to meet your needs. Just ask us how.