Did you know 65% of callers will not leave a voicemail, but are three times more likely to leave a message with a live person?

Local Telephone Operators = Highest Quality

At Mactel, we take pride in being an American answering service. Our live telephone operators give your business the flexibility to be busy, keep appointments, and take care of your customers – without missing a phone call or worrying about garbled voicemail messages.

Customized to Your Needs

Our professional answering service can be customized the way you need it. Get your messages via fax, email, text, page, and even voice! There are more options with Mactel:

  • Change your on-call person whenever, however much you need!
  • Local and nationwide answering message services
  • Phone call patching
  • Scheduling and/or appointment confirmation
  • Emergency Dispatching
  • Nights, weekend, or holiday help
  • Overflow coverage
  • Hours & Directions